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Broadband Link

When you add Broadband Link to your residential Internet service, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will use CableVision's advanced, fibre-based network to carry your data. As a result, you will have an affordable high-speed connection.

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High-Definition TV

HDTV offers an increase in picture quality by providing much higher resolution images than in analogue and standard digital TV. In addition to providing improved picture quality with more visible detail, HDTV offers a widescreen format.

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Help and Support

We love to answer questions about Bermuda CableVision, so reach out anytime, 24/7. Contact us by phone, Facebook, or e-mail. Or, learn more about our equipment and/or troubleshoot your cable modem by clicking on Find Support.

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Latest News

Alert: Hackers Calling Local Residents

Alert: It has been brought to our attention that a hacker/group of hackers are actively calling local residents under the guise of Logic Communications and/or Dell. They are prompting people to make changes to the settings of their PC’s, that ultimately allows them to access their confidential data. Please note that we do not contact customers under these types of circumstances, so please do not make any changes to your equipment. If you are able to secure a ‘call from’ number, we suggest you pass that along to the local police service for further investigation.Read More

CV Honours 30 Couples

Thirty couples were honoured at a high tea on Sunday for the longevity of their marriages. Bermuda CableVision partnered with Heart to Heart Marriage Mentoring Ministries (Heart to Heart) and recognised the couples on Sunday at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.Read More

Family Fest 2015 Cancelled

Bermuda CableVision today announces it has cancelled “Family Fest 2015 – a Children’s Festival of the Performing Arts,” which was to be held at the Bermuda National Sports Centre on Sunday, 31st May 2015. Terry Roberson, CEO, Bermuda CableVision, says, “We regret to inform the public that Family Fest 2015 has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We thank the children and their teachers for their willingness to perform and we hope to schedule another event to benefit the food drive at a later date.”Read More