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Broadband Link

When you add Broadband Link to your residential Internet service, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will use CableVision's advanced, fibre-based network to carry your data. As a result, you will have an affordable high-speed connection.

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High-Definition TV

HDTV offers an increase in picture quality by providing much higher resolution images than in analogue and standard digital TV. In addition to providing improved picture quality with more visible detail, HDTV offers a widescreen format.

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Help and Support

We love to answer questions about Bermuda CableVision, so reach out anytime, 24/7. Contact us by phone, Facebook, or e-mail. Or, learn more about our equipment and/or troubleshoot your cable modem by clicking on Find Support.

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Latest News

Hurricane Outage Updates

On Monday morning, we anticipated being able to finish all hurricane restoration by Wednesday. Yesterday five fibre nodes unexpectedly shut off resulting in several mini outages. In addition, we discovered some fibre optics that had been damaged by machete and, as a result of the additional customer calls, we learned there were more individual home issues than anticipated. This has resulted in another 500 outages and will affect our timeline for hurricane restoration

We understand that our subscribers are…
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Storm Credit Offer

Bermuda CableVision today announces it is offering all monthly subscribers a 25% storm credit following Hurricanes Fay and Gonzalo.

The offer will see CableVision extend the credit to all customers for the disruption of television and internet services, and will be reflected on their November bills. Credited services include: economy tier, deluxe tier, super tier, variety tier, DVR service, HDTV tier, HBO tier, Cinemax tier, Showtime tier, TMC tier, Sports Pack, MERGE Internet and Broadband Link…Read More